Step into the world of combat sports with Venum, the revolutionary brand that changed the game! Founded by Franck Dupuis in 2004, Venum has been pushing the boundaries of innovation, offering unique and authentic products for MMA fans worldwide. From apparel to equipment, Venum’s bold designs and cutting-edge technologies make it a trendsetter in the industry. With 15 years of passion and growth, Venum continues to evolve, driven by the ambition to become the undisputed champion of the combat sports market. Join the adventure and experience the Venum difference today!

Discover Venum’s top-selling products with the highest average customer reviews.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Handmade in Thailand using 100% premium Skintex leather, these gloves offer an elite fighting experience like no other. With reinforced palms, long cuffs, and triple density foam, enjoy unparalleled shock absorption, protecting your hands and wrists for extended training sessions. Step into the world of champions with Venum Elite, the gloves that elevate your performance, fight after fight.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Specially designed to prevent injuries to your teeth, arches, lips, and more, this mouthguard offers maximum security and protection. The advanced gel frame ensures a perfect custom fit for improved comfort, while the high-density rubber frame effectively manages shock impact. Whether you’re into MMA, martial arts, or any contact sport, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is your go-to choice.

Venum Elite Shin Guards

Crafted from premium Skintex leather, these shin guards offer lightweight design for maximum mobility and speed. The large Velcro straps ensure a secure and slip-free fit, while the ultra-durable microfiber covering enhances durability, making them the ultimate choice for professionals and intensive use.

Venum “Challenger Groinguard and Support

Designed with double-layers shock absorbers for supreme protection during any athletic activity. The included Dry Tech supporter offers enhanced ventilation and quick sweat evaporation. Stay comfortable and secure with the rubber gel shield, providing a perfect fit.

Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves – Nappa Leather

Made with premium Skintex leather in Thailand, these gloves offer unmatched headgear protection at a budget-friendly price. Experience enhanced head movement and clear visibility of your opponent with the ultra-lightweight design, made with top-quality Skintex Leather.