Welcome to Fairtex, the preeminent brand in combat equipment and clothing for Muay Thai and MMA. With a focus on premium quality and innovation, their products are used by elite athletes and renowned organizations worldwide. The handcrafted gear, made with Grade A materials and unique padding, ensures top performance and safety. Embrace their original designs and join the Fairtex family, knowing that your purchase contributes to social causes. Elevate your training with Fairtex, where quality meets excellence.

Discover Fairtex’s top-selling products with the highest average customer reviews!

Fairtex BGV1 

Crafted with premium leather and a unique ergonomic design, these gloves offer a perfect fit for men, women, and kids. Enjoy unparalleled shock absorbency, thanks to the Fairtex foam system, providing excellent hand and knuckle protection during intense training sessions.

Fairtex SP5 Shin Guards

Designed for men, women, and kids, these premium and lightweight shin guards provide extended protection, preventing shin splints during training or sparring. The articulated instep padding contours to your foot, ensuring maximum comfort and shielding against injuries. With elastic straps and Velcro closures, these Muay Thai shin guards offer a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to improve speed, agility, and mobility.

Fairtex Heavy Bag Banana

Constructed with premium synthetic leather, this durable and versatile heavy bag is designed to withstand rigorous training sessions. Its unique shape enables a wide range of striking techniques, making it ideal for Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Easy to install with sturdy hanging straps and swivel, this heavy bag is the perfect tool to enhance your striking technique and power, catering to all skill levels from beginners to advanced martial artists.

Fairtex KPLC5

Crafted with 100% leather and high-quality microfiber, these Thai pads offer unbeatable durability and comfort. The curved design provides precise targeting and a realistic feel, while the thick foam padding ensures optimal shock absorption for both trainer and athlete. Perfect for Muay Thai, kickboxing, and martial arts, these adjustable pads guarantee a secure and comfortable fit, making them essential gear for any combat sports enthusiast.

Fairtex Leather Training Kick Shield Rib Guard, Body Protector

Made with premium synthetic leather, this belly pad ensures unbeatable durability and comfort. The hook and loop waist wrap guarantees a secure fit, while the multi-layer foam padding offers maximum protection for trainers. Perfect for boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing, this versatile body protector is a must-have for serious combat sports enthusiasts.